“I was attracted by the intimate size of the Paris office and the firm’s international positioning.”

Joined Capco: 2018
Role: Senior Consultant, Risk Analysis
Primary skills: Financial Risk Management (Market And Counterparty Risks)      
Interests: Karate Kyokushinkaï, guitar, fast cars 

Having grown up in Luberon in the South of France among lavenders and vineyards, I now live in Paris, a city I truly love and where I am still discovering many beautiful places after almost 10 years. I hold a Master’s in Information Systems from Paris Dauphine University and a MSc in Financial Markets and Investments from SKEMA Business School, and am also FRM certified as well. I have been working in the financial industry for six years now, and joined Capco almost 3 years ago as a risk analyst.

I had heard of Capco from a close friend who was also working in the financial industry, and I was attracted both by the more intimate size of the Paris office and the firm’s international positioning within the consulting industry. I attended a recruitment event where I undertook three interviews that same evening, and a day later I was offered a permanent position as a consultant. I greatly appreciated the interactions I had during this event, including an interview with our France CEO who was very open and made me feel comfortable.

My projects have been very engaging. In particular, I was working for a global investment bank based in Paris, where I managed a project to review and implement globally a new market risk limits framework, working with risks analysts and trading desks from different locations over Europe, Asia and Americas. The project was particularly challenging due to both its global nature and the high level of details involved in the functional analysis required to understand the limits pool of each trading desk. As I say, a true challenge and I am proud to say we delivered it on time.

Other highlights include my promotion to senior consultant after two years of hard work, proving that the firm rewards the efforts of its employees; and the amazing 20 years of Capco party held at Opéra de Paris, a breath-taking evening with my colleagues from the Paris office. More generally, I also enjoy Capco post-work events where I can meet up with colleagues working for different clients and also talk with the Paris office leadership team who are always very open to exchanging ideas and insights. 

Capco is set up to enable employees to keep learning on a daily basis, and I really appreciate the dual manager-coach relationship the company’s structure provides, as it helps ensure I am not only on the right track to answer my clients’ needs but also to develop my project management skills at the same time. I think this structure really makes Capco unique from an employee perspective.

Outside work, I practice a special form of full contact karate, named Kyokushinkaï where both body and spirit are continually tested. I am a speed lover, particularly fast cars, and I have also been playing the guitar for more than 20 years now, and can’t go a day without picking up one of my instruments. After a day of work, I enjoy going to the Dojo to practice karate with my sparring partners and also enjoy going out with friends in Paris cafés, searching for hidden spots and new venues. However, this all changed last November, when my wife and I had a baby!