Managing Principal

Rachel served in the Royal Artillery for eight years, starting with a deployment to Op TELIC with Desert Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles, and subsequently served with GMLRS before taking on roles in the Headquarters of what was then the Artillery’s Directorate. Later she became a weapon systems instructor, leading the UK Ground Based Air Defence training centres in Larkhill, Thorney Island and Rutland. 

Rachel has spent the past eight years on both the ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ side of consultancy, and is now responsible for leading our programme delivery capability within our UK Wealth and Asset Management domain.

“Consultancy was something of a chance career move when I took an early role with Capgemini Consulting,” she says. “It was immediately clear that consultancy was a good fit for the skills and experience from my military service, and the industry knowledge required to be able to add value to clients within financial services was fairly easy and quick to acquire.”

Key Advice

“As important as it is to understand what your previous military experience and skills equip you to do in your civilian career, it is just as important – perhaps even more important – to understand what you want from your new career. As military personnel we get used to being constantly challenged, seeing diversity in our careers (from operational to HR roles and everything in between), and building eclectic skillsets. If that is something that drives you, take the time to recognise that fact and ensure the civilian career you choose can at least in part match your expectations. Not all of them will!”