John joined Capco after almost 10 years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force. Following an initial tour in military intelligence he applied to become a Parachute Jumping Instructor, where he spent the remainder of his service. During this time, he was responsible for training the UK’s Airborne Forces in mass and specialised parachute insertion techniques.  John worked with numerous units across the Tri-Service environment, delivering training around the world. 

Since joining Capco, John has worked with Tier 1 global banking clients to deliver transformational change programmes across Banking & Payments and Capital Markets domains.
“The decision to leave the service was a difficult one, but I felt that I had clear transferable skills that could add value to a civilian employer, particularly in terms of project management, stakeholder engagement and leading multidisciplinary teams,” says John.

“As ex-military personnel, we’re adept at landing in a new situation every 12-18 months, quickly understanding the issues, who the key stakeholders are, and then coming up with a plan to improve things. The parallels with consultancy are very clear!"

“I chose Capco because I felt the company really understood what I brought to the table while being equally aware of my development requirements when it came to financial services knowledge. The support I’ve received from Capco has enabled me to transition seamlessly back into civilian life.”

Key Advice

“Sometimes it’s hard to map across in your own mind how your skills and experiences are relevant to civilian industry, but you shouldn’t underestimate or undersell your value. Equally, be humble in realising that the military way isn’t the only way, and that there is still so much you can learn from your civilian counterparts.”