While leveraging PlatformZero, Capco partnered with a leading wealth and asset management company providing a broad range of financial planning and investment management services to help create a digital end-to-end process automation solution for advisors and operations employees. We created an Advisor Portal, where advisors can submit various requests online while PlatformZero generates the required documents. The digital platform provides an integrated user experience, where advisors can easily capture information and have operations employees fulfill requests to create a fully digital experience.  

Why Now?

As a leader in the industry, the wealth and asset management company decided to replace its paper-based advisor service requests with a digital portal that enables advisors to self-service. They wanted to shift to a digital solution that spanned both the front and back ends of their business, reducing the time needed to fulfil client requests.

What We Did

We provide end-to-end orchestration and utilized integrated business rules to automate the decision-making process. We implemented our highly configurable foundational framework called PlatformZero to allow for accelerated delivery cycles. PlatformZero’s flexibility allowed for integration with their core enterprise systems and pre-connected document management systems (e.g. DocuSign, Salesforce, Book of Record). 

Summary of Benefits

• Open and fund accounts quickly
• An 70-90% increase in operational efficiency
• Accelerated delivery cycle (2-month release cycles) 

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