In just over 24 months, Capco designed and delivered a modern digital banking platform for a top US bank and migrated its customers from the bank’s legacy application to the new solution. This new solution used Capco’s PlatformZero asset, a modern end-to-end digitization platform, built specifically for Financial Services to sell to and service their clients more effectively. 

As leaders in digital transformation, we were excited to develop an end-to-end solution that would provide innovative digital capabilities to the client and their customers. 

With an accelerated timeline, the bank and Capco collaborated on an agile delivery approach that resulted in thirty-six new and enhanced features on desktop, iOS, and Android. This enhanced user experience has given the bank the tools to be competitive in a constantly evolving digital market.

How we did it: 

At the project onset, our design team was challenged to create a cohesive digital banking experience for the modern customer – regardless of what device they would use to access it. Leveraging Capco’s PlatformZero Digitization Platform as an accelerator, the team worked closely alongside the bank’s product owners, developers, and third-party vendors to design a responsive application that would work seamlessly across desktop, Android, and iOS platforms. This collaborative environment led to the development of a dynamic design system, upon which every component, style, color, and animation in the platform, is defined. This system acted as the blueprint for all design work and unified the platform’s look-and-feel.  

We believe good experiences are proven. The team’s iterative process meant regular testing, where users were tasked to complete a series of goals inside a prototyped environment. This allowed our experts to validate design decisions with real-world users and gain valuable insight and feedback into their solutions. This data-driven approach also extended to rigorous accessibility audits, which ensured that all users could enjoy the same experience on the platform regardless of their needs or abilities.  

In total, the team designed over 1,600 new screens for the client application, as well as provided design direction for the internal customer support channels and cobranded products. Additionally, the team wrote and managed all content for the platform’s 36 customer-facing features. Our design team’s efforts were instrumental in producing a modern digital banking platform which not only revitalized the client’s brand today but helped to shape it moving forward.  


Capco brought a new agile delivery approach to the bank, as prior to this project the client primarily utilized intra-organization waterfall delivery methods legacy delivery methods were all waterfall-based. To maintain agility while providing structure, Capco and the bank assembled five agile teams, each responsible for developing specific components of the application. This approach allowed the bank to achieve agility at scale and move away from their traditional management structure and approach to project delivery.  

Our front-end and back-end development successfully integrated with the bank’s legacy systems, allowing the bank full control and future scalability.  

To ensure performance and stability of the new digital banking platform, Capco’s quality assurance team manually created and executed over 4000 test cases, which included a high degree of automation as well as accessibility testing to guarantee AA compliance.  

For deployments, our development operations team wanted to ensure there was minimal interruption to the bank’s clients. To do so, they used the latest technology that allows one-click channel deployments with no application downtime. Following each deployment, extensive automated regression testing was performed to ensure maintain the platform’s stability.  


Concurrent to the design, development, and testing phases, Capco was also tasked to ensure that all banking customers were successfully transitioned from the old platform to the new platform safely with minimal customer impact. Capco and the bank collaborated to execute a multi-phase conversion approach, which included mock conversions, dress rehearsal events, pilot conversions, and official go-live events. Capco, the bank and several third-party vendors all worked together to ensure the success of the customer conversion events and kept the customer experience and transition requirements at the front of their mind.  

The bank’s executives stated that the conversion events were the smoothest the bank has ever seen.  

What we delivered: 

The digital banking platform, leveraging Capco’s PlatformZero Digitization Platform, was rolled out to customers in two waves: the first wave took place on November 11, 2018 and the second on January 19, 2019.  

The bank’s customers can now view all their accounts in one consolidated view, login with Touch ID on Android and Face ID on iOS, remote deposit capture a check, seamlessly transfer money to friends and family through Zelle without having to add funds to a secondary peer-payment account, and more.  

The bank’s app received a rating of 4.7 stars from 17,000 reviewers, up from less than 3 stars prior to the relaunch.