Capco Global Leadership Team

CAPCO Global Leadership Team

Lance McAnelly

Lance McAnelly

Managing Partner

Texas & Capco Energy

Lance McAnelly is the Managing Partner of Texas and Capco Energy, which partners with energy companies and financial services clients, and includes operations in Dallas and Houston. Lance is based out of Capco’s Houston office.
Lance has over 27 years of experience solving challenging problems across a broad spectrum of the energy industry value chain. He has wide expertise in deregulated markets, energy trading, natural gas pipelines, and compliance.

Lance has helped to deliver transformational change to Capco’s clients, including regulatory and legislative-driven market change, the de-monopolization of vertically integrated utilities, merger and acquisition due-diligence and support, strategic systems integrations, and best-of-breed platform implementations.

Prior to joining Capco, Lance co-founded Houston-based EnForm Consulting (subsequently acquired by SunGard and then FIS). He also established Capco’s Dallas office. He began his career as a management consultant for Ernst & Young, where he focused on deregulating energy markets in the US and Europe.

Lance has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a Master’s in Information Systems, from Texas A&M University.