Capco Global Leadership Team

CAPCO Global Leadership Team

Lance Levy

Lance Levy



Lance Levy is the Chief Executive Officer of Capco, based in Europe.

Lance Levy is Capco’s CEO, with almost 30 years of experience in the financial, consulting, and technology services industries. The organization’s extraordinary growth over the last seven years is a testament to his clarity of vision and focus, highly adaptable management style, and extremely strong and resilient leadership.  

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Lance set out with ambitious and entrepreneurial intent, beginning his career with a number of successful business ventures, then in his late 20’s very quickly settling in numerous leadership positions at Accenture in both South Africa and London. Over the next decade Lance played a significant role in guiding the Financial Services business as a member of the global Leadership Team, the Accenture Leadership Council and as Senior Managing Director of Financial Services in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, leading across 34 countries, with responsibility for $3.5B in revenues. 

Since joining Capco in 2015, he’s proved himself as a true global leader. In 2017, overseeing the sale of Fidelity National Information Services’ majority stake in Capco to Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a leading private equity firm. Enabling accelerated transformation and expansion in to high-demand services and attracting talent to build new capabilities. 

Most recently, Lance’s ambitious growth plans saw the $1.45B strategic acquisition of Capco by Wipro, creating a market-leading partnership. As a result, both firms can now provide an end-to-end value proposition to clients, becoming a leading transformation partner to the world’s pre-eminent financial services institutions.  

Lance understands success starts and ends with people. Prioritising and promoting Capco’s values and intense focus on its people, he has led the preservation and continued development of the firm’s distinctive, differentiated, and diverse culture.  

In his seven years at Capco, revenues and headcount have doubled, while profits have tripled. Lance’s energy, ambition and authentic leadership style, combining strategic insight and deep operational knowledge, has transformed the business. Pivoting focus to digital services, broadening coverage of industry segments, transforming the leadership, and building senior, trusted client relationships. Moving Capco from a niche consultancy to a highly focused global management technology institution, now recognised in the industry as a legitimate challenger to the largest competitors in the segment, with consistently strong performance. 

Under Lance's leadership, Capco will continue to embrace the challenges of tomorrow.