Capco Global Leadership Team

CAPCO Global Leadership Team

Farzine Fazel

Farzine Fazel

Managing Partner

France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands & Luxembourg

Farzine Fazel is the Managing Partner of Capco’s businesses in Central Europe, encompassing France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands & Luxembourg. He is based out of Capco’s Paris office.
Farzine’s career at Capco spans more than two decades, and he was present at the founding of Capco in 1998. Farzine has extensive expertise in capital markets, with a specific focus on complex derivatives instruments.

Farzine joined Capco from Ressources Informatiques Bancaires, where he was a Partner responsible for the capital markets consultancy group. Prior to that, he led a number of complex capital market transformation programs for Wang and ACT in the UK.

Farzine has a PhD in financial modeling from the University of Paris. He is a regular speaker at industry events, frequently contributes articles to both the national and industry trade press, and has published several notable white papers.