My name is Rodolfo Salazar, and I’m currently on the marketing team here at Capco. I was previously working with the strategies team on a market research project for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. My experience transitioning from Year Up to Capco was great. Prior to being at Capco, I interned at Salesforce during Year Up in my first year at Borough of Manhattan Community College. 

Working in a highly collaborative environment has pushed me out of my comfort zone to network with peers and colleagues. Entering a new industry was exciting. I am currently in my last semester at Borough of Manhattan Community College, majoring in business management with a concentration in marketing. Conducting market research, when I was working with the strategies team, was a helpful skill for my desired career path, as market research is the bread and butter of marketing. Understanding the proper way to conduct market research allows me to extract and highlight key takeaways for improved performance. 

My time here at Capco has been a great learning experience in identifying the various aspects in a business that best suit my work style. My time with the strategy team was steady and slow, as I did not have the skillset and knowledge of the area. However, I was placed on the marketing team and could not be happier. I can adapt to the work structure at a proper pace and understand how to approach the given tasks. The team is constantly providing more work which provides a satisfying workflow where I keep busy throughout the day. In the fall, I will be attending Baruch College and majoring in marketing. Getting hands-on experience at Capco is exciting and allows me to use my learned skillset and classroom knowledge hand-in-hand. I have made great connections in the department and look forward to learning all Capco offers toward the development of my career.  

Advice I would have for students coming into their first corporate position is to not be afraid to ask questions. It may seem obvious, but asking questions makes the experience and understanding of the role and individual tasks more enjoyable. There have been many times when I asked questions with a project and the team was always happy to help, resulting in high-quality work. 

Another piece of advice I would say is to branch out and connect with as many people as possible. There are plenty of benefits from having a large network. Building a network allows you to gain insight on different positions in a company that can potentially be of more interest to you for your future. Having a solid network can also benefit when transitioning into a new role. Colleagues can assist with writing letters of recommendation to help join new projects, as well as references for open opportunities they may know of. Taking breaks is also something that is needed when coming into your first corporate position and, overall, in any work environment. Taking a break gives you the needed mental break to regain the focus and energy to continue being a productive asset to the company. 

Overall, I have had a great experience here at Capco and am excited to continue learning!