• Published: 28 October 2019

During my summer break from university, I was very fortunate to spend eight weeks interning at Capco. During this period I was assigned to work on Mettle, a digital bank for SME businesses that Capco has developed with Natwest. I spent time with each of the teams involved in the project which gave me a great insight into the various elements that make up a project of this size. I kept a diary of my experiences. Let me share with you a typical day.... 

My alarm goes off at 6:45am, which for someone still on ‘university hours’ is a challenge.

At 9am I arrive at Liverpool street and head into work.

Up to the first floor...

In the office I hotdesk, so the first challenge of the day is finding an unclaimed desk to sit at…

Everyone is welcome to customize their desks how they see fit, but some take it further than others.

Found one!

Next off for a quick coffee break and stand-up with the ArchiSec team. An opportunity to chat about what we’re up to for the day.

Now to start some work. I have ‘dev tickets’ for features on the front-end of the Mettle app to finish. Once they’re done pull requests are created so that they can go into production.

However, for the changes to be approved to go into production they have to be peer reviewed. Sometimes you need to find a few volunteers to do yours.

At 12am, the bells rings and the office moves to the sofas for the weekly Kick-off meeting. This is an opportunity for each team to update all of Mettle on what they’ve been doing and what they plan to do next.

Next from the sofas to lunch. There’s so much to choose from near the office but no where’s better than Spitalfields.

The group gathers in the kitchen to eat together.

Back to work: In the afternoon I am spending time on a Red-team Security exercise that I’d been planning for a while. We are attempting to simulate a cyber-attack on Mettle while other members of the team try to detect and prevent the attacks.

As fun as the Red-team was I had to rush off to give a presentation to the client on some data that I’d collated and analysed on customer usage.

The presentation and security testing make the afternoon fly by and at 5:30pm its time to pack up and head on home.

The internship with Capco at Mettle has been invaluable, in being able to witness and contribute to this amazing new business. I’ve learnt the ins and outs of the running of a large project involving dozens of people, as well as techniques used in managing large development teams and planning for the future. I’ve also enjoyed working with a great bunch of people.

What’s next you ask? Well, I am definitely considering going into consulting, and IT architecture. I’m very tempted to stay but I’m going to go back and finish my degree first!