What a story I have to tell – one of adventure, excitement, and an abundance of learning. How did Year Up prepare me to become a phenomenal Capco apprentice? It all started with a mindset change. I decided to better my life by becoming an active participant in the decisions made from now to the future. In six months of extensive corporate training, I learned how to write emails, the importance of coffee chats, and participated in mock interviews. I also learned the basics of coding. I can now even program "Hello World" in a few programming languages.

I was lucky enough to make it to the internship phase of Year Up training, which led me to intern at Fidelity Investments as a software engineer. Fidelity was a great internship experience for learning agile. I also learned what it is like being part of an agile team, participating in the daily stand-up meetings before going on to run one myself; that was fun. However, I was still new at being a software developer and did not know how to navigate working in a virtual setting. Being virtual has its drawback and its pluses, to say the least, but we all know this by now.

My time here at Capco taught me a lot about the importance of PowerPoint presentations and the fact it is truly an art form. It also taught me how to be a technology consultant, learning what it means to be a consultant in general, and what Capco does for financial companies worldwide. Knowing that all consultants have this superb note-taking ability is fascinating because the more I learn, the more I realize that one day I, myself, will become just as good in my career. So, I should not be so hard on myself. Compared to my last internship, it is a night-and-day experience from trying to learn new software, to learning how to make an in-depth PowerPoint deck with use cases for clients. Here at Capco, we offer our services to help solve our clients’ problems. 

I’ve met so many new people, from my new mentor who is an AO, and Claire who is one month my senior working at Capco, to having multiple Q/A sessions with Capco Partners who have been in the consulting game for at least 10 years! I recently joined Black@Capco to see how being part of a group adds to my corporate career. So far, I’m ecstatic for the Juneteenth B@C anniversary celebration. I recently started Unqork training which is a no-code application platform. Now, I feel I am ready to get off the bench, coach, and assist in digital labs.

Here is some advice I have for all new interns entering their first corporate position. Welcome to the corporate world. Things have changed because of the pandemic and you now have a higher chance of working in a virtual environment. Working from home is fantastic, however, it has its up and downs. You can connect with anyone in the company through virtual meetings, from your manager all the way to the CEO. We live in a small world, but virtually, it is even smaller! So, don't worry so much. Ping everyone, and just because it is an instant message, don't expect them to get back to you immediately. You may get distracted, so I recommend you turn off everything that is not your laptop. Write out your plan for the day and set up a “coffee chat” meeting with a new person every week to get better familiar with your colleagues and build your network. Always ask for help when you need it. Don't be shy. Everyone was the new person at some point. Good luck and have a positive effect on those around you every day!