My life has taught me many lessons. One of them is to be adaptive and overcome challenges with persistence and hard work. I was born in Siberia in a Turkmen family. We then moved to Turkmenistan, followed by the small country town of Powell, Wyoming, and then later to techy San Francisco, California. I graduated from Year Up in San Francisco in 2017. I went on to attend school at Dixie State University in Utah where I received my bachelor’s degree in information technology with an emphasis on software engineering in 2020. 

During my time at school, I held several internship positions with different roles within technology. This path allowed me to meet many diverse people and learn about their different backgrounds and unique stories. Currently, at Capco, I am a cybersecurity intern.

During my transition from Year Up to Capco, I found my biggest challenge was getting used to working remotely. I also never worked with Microsoft Team tools before the internship. I attended school in person, and all my previous positions required my in-person presence. So, learning how to use essential software tools, such as Zoom or Teams, making sure I am on mute when I am not talking or setting up my room as an office were some obstacles I had to overcome. 

The first month at Capco was exciting and new because I never worked for a consulting company before. In my previous internship at Twitter, we had some consultants from Deloitte. Still, I always considered them as part of the team and did not see any difference except their title as third-party contractors within the company’s internal portals. Currently, I am working on a new service that our cybersecurity team is trying to offer our clients.

My advice for incoming students is to be proactive, interact and get to know your team and other people within the organization. Everybody I have interacted with within the company was always willing to help and offer their time. My manager, Alex Donovan, is great at her work and ensuring I have all resources to succeed. Future students need to stay organized, track their calendars, and take as many notes as possible. 

It is vital to start building your virtual presence within and outside the internship’s early days. Make sure to fill out your profile and upload your picture on the company’s intranet so your colleagues can have a way to get to know you and your background. Do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on your team or in other groups. Dress up and have the same routine as you were going to go to corporate headquarters. Remove all distractions when working. I like to keep my table clean and organized, so it does not distract me. 

Capco has a great culture with a successful coaching program, and it is beneficial to check in with your coach on a weekly basis. With hard work and perseverance comes success. In the end, make sure to enjoy the journey!