I will start with my personal motto – “A person who does not know where he wants to go, there is no favorable wind.” My path started by looking for data engineer opportunities. I found it in joining Year Up. The professional career development course helped me to get out of my comfort zone. Accruing more than 200 hours of hands-on training in hard and soft skills helped me become career-ready and prepare me for my transition to being a Capco intern. I would like to thank Year Up for helping me gain the skills and experience, and for the support that empowered me to move forward to reach my goal. 

My first month’s experience at Capco was outstanding. From day one, Capco assigned a mentor to me who will continue helping me become acquainted with all Capco’s offerings and acclimating to the company culture. Capco has provided a series of trainings, such as Excel, PowerPoint, business writing, critical thinking, data, presentation skills, problem-solving, communication best practices, and data lake implementation (to name a few), that helped maximize my knowledge and give me confidence while supporting one of Capco’s marquee clients. 

I feel lucky to be shadowing a great manager, Upendra Pandey. On my first day, he created a skillset sheet for me which helped me perform my daily tasks and track my learning process. This will also help make me confident and flexible when projects change directions. Every day, Upendra takes the time to teach me how to present myself in a team meeting, how to communicate with people, how to prioritize my daily tasks, and how to create relationships with coworkers. I would like thank Upendra for all the support. If I get a chance in the future to mentor a young adult like me, I will follow up in his footsteps. 

On another note, I have grown to love the Capco environment where every person is supportive and willing to help each other. I have never been treated as an intern. Capco is a great place to start a dream career. Udemy business courses and Capco’s internal learning platform are helping me learn and develop my required technical skills to reach my career goals. 

I have learned so many lessons during my first month at Capco. Since I am a shy and introverted person, one of the best lessons I learned is getting out of my comfort zone and asking questions. Also, I am staying focused in team meetings and taking notes to go over with team members to learn their experience. Another thing that I learned is showing interest in work and lending a helping hand to my coworkers in need. My tips or advice for any upcoming student is don’t be nervous or shy.Capco puts a lot of people behind you to set you up for success. As I said earlier, all team members are supportive. All you need to do is set goals for yourself and ask questions if you are stuck. 

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Capco for giving me this opportunity to start my career. With the resources and team members’ support, the company made me feel like a valuable member of the business intelligence and data consultancy team. With all my hard work, passion, determination, and gained client site experience, I’m looking forward to future opportunities within Capco!