Military service imbues a range of skills that are eminently transferable to the business of financial services consulting.

The UK Armed Forces 2 Capco (AF2C) programme continues to go from strength to strength. Having received a Silver award under the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in 2017, Capco now offers employees two weeks’ paid leave to serve as reservists, and was awarded the Scheme’s top tier Gold award in 2020. 

In 2020, Bobby, a Major in the Army Reserves, was mobilised in support of Operation RESCRIPT as part of the government response to COVID-19. Read more about Bobby’s experiences here.


Formed in 2013, the scheme initially began as an internship initiative established by by a Capco colleague who had previously served in the Royal Navy. This was the beginning of what proved to be a significant growth journey – at that time the London office comprised of just 150 people compared to the 1,100+ consultants we employ there today. Capco saw an opportunity to tap a new source of professionals who bring a unique set of transferrable skills.  



Here are five key benefits we’ve found in hiring ex-military and reservists: 

1. Consultants often must identify a problem and then provide the solution, and servicemen and women are well-equipped to deal with situations that are evolving    rapidly. 

2. Fear of making a decision is also not uncommon in the consulting world, and service personnel are more willing to take a decisive step with a view to course  correcting as necessary in the future.

3. We also believe there is a clear parallel between the military and financial services consulting, in terms of working alongside colleagues drawn from different  nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. In both professions, you must learn how to assimilate, make connections and build a rapport with everyone. 

4. Like Capco, the military invests a lot of time and money inculcating leadership qualities in everyone from the start. 

5. Ownership and accountability often comes as second nature to army officers. That trait is highly valued both at Capco and in the wider consulting world.