Blockchain: Reshaping banking for digital consumers

The Capco Institute video series brings together leading academics and senior financial executives to discuss pertinent issues impacting the world of financial services.


Leading experts discuss blockchain technology, its operating models and business cases in finance and other industries.


Panel members:

Banking insider's perspective

  • Alex Batlin, FinTech/Blockchain thought leader

Market infrastructure provider’s perspective

  • Angus Scott, Head of Product Strategy & Innovation at Euroclear

Academic perspective

  • Prof. Philip Treleaven, Head of Financial Computing Centre at University College London (UCL)



  • David Oxenstierna, Partner, Capital Markets, Capco North America

Part 1: Technology Focus

  • Existing and new underlying technologies of blockchain
  • Automatable and enforceable smart contracts
  • Code as a trusted agent

Part 2: Technology Focus Continued

  • Smart contract language
  • Private (permissioned) vs public (permissionless) chain
  • Is the underlying technology ready for automation, and are banks?

Part 3: Business cases and ROI

  • Areas of finance presenting the greatest opportunities short- and long-term
  • Most promising applications of blockchain in finance
  • Non-banking sectors actively adopting blockchain and potential candidates

Part 4: operating model and governance

  • Blockchain governance standards – evolving or imposed? And can we get banks to agree?
  • Existing market infrastructure governance vs distributed governance such as Bitcoin
  • The missing pieces: What should banks, market infrastructure players and governments be doing to embrace blockchain?