Information Management

The right data management plan can boost competitiveness while reducing regulatory pressures and risk.

What’s driving financial institutions to rethink data management strategy?
Overwhelmed with data, some organizations are approaching the brink of failure. Many have outgrown the information management plan that guided their business. Once-fashionable approaches, such as bespoke data warehousing techniques, have produced lackluster transformational results.

The rate of regulatory and business change, compounded by an explosion of data, is forcing organizations to find better answers to some of their most persistent issues, such as:

  • Relentless regulatory and business changes
  • Redundant, inaccurate and siloed data
  • Misaligned initiatives
  • Missed performance targets
  • Lack of accountability and stewardship
  • Political and organizational imbalance

How has the industry responded?
In a landmark 2002 report, The Data Warehousing Institute estimated that data quality problems cost U.S. businesses more than $600 billion a year. In response, many institutions embarked on costly multi-year transformation initiatives to standardize and centralize data assets. Politics, funding and unsatisfactory results eventually slowed or disabled these programs, making stakeholders wary of exotic solutions.

Today, leading organizations are employing strategies that address key enterprise data management issues while answering the concerns of a diverse and impatient stakeholder group.

How can better data management address multiple competing priorities?
Relentlessly pursuing the best use of your firm’s data can result in improved performance in many areas such as:

  • Risk management that results in fewer losses
  • Better alignment of new projects to strategic imperatives
  • Improved controls over the data that lead to better accountability to financial results
  • Increased collaboration and organizational behavior to protect the data that inherently fuels the business
  • Improved results that matter the most to shareholders

How can Capco help you succeed?
Capco and FIS together form the largest technology and consulting company focused exclusively on the financial services industry. We are uniquely positioned to deliver the right combination of business, technology, and data management expertise to banking, capital markets, and wealth and investment management organizations.

Successful information management programs are often part of a strategic business transformation growth initiative. Capco can help your organization understand the strategic value of your data with steps such as:

  • Identifying the business imperatives that are driving necessary changes
  • Helping control the systemic risks and organizational barriers that could impede change Establishing the data management principles to facilitate the changes
  • Defining the performance measures to track progress against the achievement of the changes
  • Identifying the objectives, sponsors, resources and skills for each change initiative
  • Defining the initiative roadmap, sequence, and interdependencies of the change programs
  • Establishing the operating/governance model to manage the introduction and adoption of the changes