Governance, Risk and Compliance

Integrated Safety and Soundness - A compliance framework focusing on the risk, not rules, shows the “devil is in the delta.”

How has the global financial crisis changed your compliance management framework?
Volatility in world financial markets has led to growing scrutiny of the financial services industry, raising costs for institutions that fail to adhere to mounting regulatory requirements. Firms must implement a rigorous Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution that limits exposure to potential fines yet does not harm their competitive position or economic value. Failure, in any regard, is expensive. Recently, financial services firms paid over $250 million annually in fines for failing to comply with published policies.

How has the industry responded?
Public and private methods of measuring, monitoring and managing GRC deviate based on differences in mandates. Methods also vary on opinion, or how to structure risk and control business processes.

Multiple methods of internal and external examination provide a measure of compensating control that is a benefit.

In many cases, the difference represents inefficiencies for both the public and private partner that lowers overall control and significantly increases cost to the firm, customer and public.

How can Integrated Safety and Soundness help you?
Capco’s solution for Integrated Safety and Soundness is designed to help you develop a GRC solution that provides the compliance framework you need without unduly hampering the business. This may include:

  • “Book-ending” regulatory and legal oversight processes with industry-leading governance, risk and compliance tools and techniques
  • Facilitates request and response functions to operate at their most efficient levels
  • Lessons learned from both the public and private sector
  • Typically lowers the cost of governance risk and compliance significantly through a “devil’s in the delta” design approach
  • A less invasive approach to front office control
  • Fosters a culture of compliance which is the most efficient means of increased risk prevention
  • Baseline obligations approach
  • Allows for partial or complete outsourcing of policy and compliance management
  • A TQM (Total Quality Management) approach
  • Reinforces a measured and controlled response to compliance and business control

How can Capco help?
Our domain expertise, audit independence and ownership means that Capco is one of the few firms positioned to straddle Washington and Wall Street.

Capco’s experts work side-by-side with your team with well-targeted delivery resources and innovative delivery models to match your specific business needs.

Our proven approach is based on proprietary accelerators that are tried, tested and tailored for your unique compliance requirements.