Core Banking Vendor Selection

Who do you trust with your bank’s heart transplant?

Successful vendor selection for a new core banking platform requires surgical precision.

The industry challenge
Renewal of the core banking platform is a strategic investment for banks. The momentum for transforming core banking platforms is increasing, as multiple external and internal factors are driving banks to make this change.

Replacing your bank’s ‘heart’ is a complex, costly and risky operation, affecting the whole organization for many years ahead. For this reason, it is imperative to select and shape a core banking platform that not only suits the current and future needs of the bank, but also best fits and benefits the organization as a whole. Equally important in the decision making process is the fit of your bank with the platform vendor, who needs to be assessed on many levels including culture and people, not just capability and technology alone.

A well-structured and surgically-precise approach to core banking vendor selection will ensure the seamless implementation of your new core banking platform.

Capco’s solutions
Capco provides both the expertise and a proven approach to ensure the optimum core banking vendor selection process.

Our expert teams bring a wealth of experience in:

  • Core banking vendor selection;
  • Platform renewal and implementation;
  • Quality review of major core banking implementation programs;
  • Large IT transformation programs.

Capco has a deep knowledge and experience of working with leading core banking vendors.

Our structured five-phase approach to selecting the ideal vendor and core banking platform is well-established and uses our proven methodologies and templates, such as scoring and assessment models and run books.

Capco’s strong business analysis, program management and delivery capabilities have enabled us to carry out many successful vendor selection projects within short timeframes.