Architecture as a Service

Technology architects, specializing in financial services, available on demand

What are the forces reshaping financial services IT?
Technology architecture is one of the hottest IT skill sets needed today in the financial services industry. Today, there are many challenges across financial institution IT departments that drive demand for technology architects:
  • You install a system that fulfills the institution’s immediate requirements, but over time performance drops as new features and functionality are added (perhaps without being documented).
  • Problems and surprises arise as IT works to integrate applications across multiple platforms to meet business needs.
  • The challenge of governing, accessing and maintaining data continues to grow as data volume explodes.

How can financial institutions improve the picture?
Overcoming any of these issues requires the skills of technology architects — professionals who know how to tackle today’s complex IT environments and who understand the financial services industry.

However, architects are in high demand and short supply. And their capabilities are only needed periodically. Keeping them on the IT staff can be a costly luxury.

Now there’s an alternative to hiring full-time architects on staff, having consultants on site full time, or simply going without critical resources. Architecture as a Service from Capco gives you access to a deep pool of talented architects experienced in financial services and available on either a fractional or full-time basis. Our professionals can support your specific development needs, while providing a fresh viewpoint that can help unravel complexities bedeviling the architects immersed in the work.

What Capco offers
Capco Architecture as a Service helps you reduce the significant cost of maintaining full-time architecture resources to meet variable needs. Through Architecture as a Service, you have access to highly qualified enterprise and solution architects specializing in applications, data and infrastructure, as well as business process management and service-oriented architecture. These professionals provide support across a spectrum of governance, implementation, architecture and integration requirements, using Capco-developed accelerators to speed project development.

You might need architect support to prepare for an ARB session. Or you may want additional resources on hand at project inception, validation or alignment with the business. Whatever the situation, Architecture as a Service delivers the resources you need, the fresh perspective of industry-seasoned architects, and the commitment to quality that financial institutions have come to expect from Capco.

How we deliver
When you request Architecture as a Service support, Capco assigns a dedicated point of contact who works with you to determine the resources you need and then manages and measures resource performance throughout the engagement. Your contact coordinates with other Capco professionals, supporting your organization to help accelerate information gathering and review and solution development.

Architecture as a Service is available on demand. Instead of committing to a fixed-time contract, you purchase a block of hours that you use as needed. This approach provides access to a broader pool of experienced architects, at billing rates appropriate to their skills, role and experience. The architects supporting your needs receive background checks and relevant screening. Depending on the situation, they can support you from off-site, further controlling costs.