At the heart of customer attraction, retention and loyalty

Throughout the global financial services industry, organizations are competing vigorously to attract new customers. At the same time, they know that customer retention – keeping customers and growing their loyalty – is a foundation of stability and sustainable growth. Attracting customers and then retaining them are crucial functions of customer experience.

In a highly competitive environment, businesses must focus on maintaining and developing the quality of their customer experience. At Capco, we are helping them respond to the challenge by analyzing and innovating current customer experiences across key interfaces, channels and services. Applying people-centered design, we immerse ourselves in the reality and perceptions of customers today. We also invite them to experience new worlds of financial services consumer experience that we are developing for tomorrow.

Working closely with our clients, we co-create services that satisfy their strategic and commercial agendas and are practical to deliver, yet have a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We consistently find the most valuable experts to collaborate with: the people who use the services – customers – and the people who deliver them to achieve customer and business value – clients.


We apply our curiosity to ask some important questions:

  • What will being – and remaining – a successful bank in the future involve, and how will it feel to be a customer?
  • What are the economic drivers of advice?
  • What does ‘personal reassurance’ feel like in a digital environment?
  • What digital advice services will best deliver help and guidance to the next generation customer?
  • How can we develop cost-effective banking models for the under-banked?


Trends that excite us currently include:

  • Collaborative advice: supporting customers as they move their important decision making online.
  • Anticipatory service: using data to develop more individual and personal responses and service.
  • “Experience infused” product development: embedding customer experience values throughout the product development process.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile: context based financial services, available wherever customers happen to be.

We apply techniques including contextual enquiry, design research, Net Promoter Score assessment, service blueprinting, journey mapping and mystery shopping. The output is enhanced understanding of real human requirements, gathered through detailed observation of human interaction with financial services. The objective is clear. Devise, develop and deliver strong, simple and easy-to-implement experience strategies that attract and reward customers and drive cost-effective retention and loyalty. Through our work on digital customer experience, we are today, exploring and developing the foundations of sustainable client growth for tomorrow.

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