Capital Markets

Success – it can be defined and achieved, even through a period of uncertainty

Post-global financial crisis, the Capital Markets environment is one of uncertainty. Financial services institutions are constantly impacted and redefined by evolving external pressures.

Helping to capitalize on a dynamic industry
Capco’s Capital Market practice offers a portfolio of issue-focused, market tested and proven solutions. These are designed to help industry players capitalize on opportunities emerging from the current volatility. We develop our offer through ongoing work with global investment banks, asset managers, and market infrastructure participants: including the majority of leading exchanges and post-trade players in the key areas of trading, clearing and settlement.

Our workforce of experienced professionals, all dedicated solely to the financial services industry, commands a thorough understanding of current capital markets demands and challenges. We also keep a keen eye on upcoming changes and developments, not least through our provision of alternative market utilities.

We have a strong presence supporting Tier 1 organizations with multi-dimensional global programs. We collaborate closely with them, tailoring our responses to their specific demands while driving innovation.

We are a leading industry employer of outstanding talent. Our experts have extensive real world, practice based financial services and consulting experience. That means we offer true breadth of expertise in professional services, including all asset classes and the entire value chain.

Our offerings – Issue and client focused
Our Capital Markets expertise is configured to meet the latest needs of global and regional financial institutions, as well as market infrastructure participants. Capco delivers successful projects across multiple regions. We have an on-the-ground resource presence throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our delivery experience spans the whole project lifecycle.

Our offerings include:

  • Operating Model Effectiveness – providing strategic operating model assessment and target-state recommendations. We work with clients to achieve appropriate organizational controls and oversight. This helps to maximize project delivery success rates, develop and grow revenue streams, and meet compliance demands.
  • Smart Regulatory Interpretation and Implementation – providing clear and reliable interpretation of new regulatory requirements*. We analyze the impact on each specific institution’s operating model and internal processes caused by important regulatory movements (including Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID II, FATCA, Recovery & Resolution Planning, Basel III, and others). We also suggest a compliance framework that includes a review of regulatory and oversight processes and outlines remediation steps. And we engage in review of the new market structures that are emerging in response to the legislative and regulatory environment. (*Note: Capco does not provide legal or taxation advice.)
  • Cost Takeout and IT Complexity Reduction – providing a streamlined and simplified approach to a financial institution’s architecture. We use Capco’s Capital Markets and Technology domain expertise in pursuit of reducing cost, increasing reliability and data integrity, promoting transparency, and meeting ever increasing regulatory and stakeholder demands. Our offer includes a strong focus on systems integration and close strategic alliances with key front-to-finance system providers.
  • changeSourcing – providing clients with a fungible pool of tailored resources to offer cross-project flexibility. Even as demand fluctuates, we provide predictability in cost flows, while supporting complex mandatory and discretionary project delivery and management of change within business units.
  • Balance Sheet Optimization – providing clients with strategic assessment of how they maintain appropriate leverage ratios for regulators, including sufficient liquidity and funding capabilities that support financial stability for shareholder and consumer stakeholders. We work with our clients to build flexibility, allowing them to take calculated strategic risks while protecting against the threat of market disruptors.
  • Industrialization and Post-merger Integration – providing an innovative approach to create shared services and market utilities through business partnerships to free up capital. We support optimized data management accuracy and efficiency with leading-edge skills in analytics, architecture and new technologies. We help institutions focus on optimizing the customer experience through new products and digital offerings. We provide support to navigate through the resulting change management activities and to realize the full value and potential of newly merged entities.
  • Collateral Management Trading – providing visibility into, and active management of, the collateral inventory pool across businesses and products. Using Capco’s proprietary collateral management maturity model, we help firms transform their collateral management back-office operation into an active cost-reduction or revenue-producing unit.

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