Government-Sponsored Enterprise

Capco helps large government-sponsored organization build loan delivery system

Sponsored by the U.S. government, this national organization offers programs and services to help families secure credit for home mortgages. The enterprise works closely with a regulator to develop models to help reduce risk, increase flexibility and improve services for borrowers.

Confronting Challenges
The organization’s regulator mandated implementation of a new delivery platform between lenders and the organization using industry-standard data formats. The complex systems integration and application development posed tremendous challenges to the multi-trillion dollar industry.

Capco was engaged to design, build and test the mission-critical application. We provided detailed design documentation and other systems development life cycle artifacts and continuously recommended updates and improvements. We provided project and technology management to oversee a multivendor team composed of more than 150 people representing the client, Capco and partner companies. Our technical leadership team worked on a multisite development model, providing guidance, coordinating tasks and offering project status updates to key stakeholders.

In parallel, Capco established a performance engineering initiative on this project. Our performance engineering team conducted profiling and analyses to identify performance bottlenecks and resolve issues. Our industry-leading technical team successfully improved overall system performance despite the significant challenge in architecture complexity. We facilitated change requests and fixed defects during the development, system and acceptance testing phases. Overall, we successfully developed this mission-critical application on time and budget.

Key Benefits

  • Provided client leadership with complete visibility to the design, build and testing process
  • Delivered critical components of the application on time and budget
  • Improved application performance to a level better than the original system
  • Reduced the number of code defects found during the testing phases through frequent code reviews and test case development
  • Significantly improved the application’s build and deploy process