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Marko Kozarevic, a consultant in Capco’s capital markets practice, provides his point of view about investment in FX technology.

Marko Kozarevic, Capco Capital Markets Practice consultant, is quoted in this article about the future of banking, regulation versus innovation.

Coverage following a Capco interview around the Build Your Own Bank proposition

Capco associate partner, Bernd Richter, provides his point of view of the benefits of applying the principles of Sepa to payment and collection processes beyond the single euro payments area.

In light of the many projects undertaken in various contexts, there are three pillars that emerge in the regulatory transformation: the need to bring a governance of unified transformation and authentic leaders to lead the change (in a context of great transformations, the answer lies in the qualities of the leader himself, not an administrator, or a manager, but a genuine leader) , the ability to analyse in a practical and exhaustive way the parties involved, and finally, the ability to draw consequences from sanctions (i.e. learning from own or other’s failures, is a good way to find success).
Many failures are rooted in the omission of the above factors and a premature leap in technological change. All regulatory implementations have a common denominator: processing procedures. Therefore, one who has a clear vision of its processes has a competitive advantage.

Coverage following Kunal Patel’s interview discussing the regulatory roadmap impacting derivatives across 2014

Capco Partner, Jonathan Rose's article on the Business Reporter section of the Sunday Telegraph

Coverage following Kunal Patel’s interview with Best Execution around derivatives trading

Bernd Richter offers a ‘view from the top’ around disruptive technologies

Coverage following Ronny Cosijns interview with Waters Technology around tri-party collateral management