Leading U.S. Retail Bank

Top U.S. bank seeks help identifying quality assurance and testing optimization opportunities

This U.S.-based retail bank provides banking, mortgage, investing, credit card, insurance, and consumer and commercial financial services to customers throughout North America and internationally.

Confronting Challenges
One of the leading banks headquartered in the United States wanted to identify optimization opportunities across its testing organizations within eight business-unit CIO groups.

The client engaged Capco to assess areas for optimization opportunities against industry benchmarks and present the findings to top management. We used our optimization model consisting of detailed analysis criteria in five areas (consistency, artifact management, quality management, organization and personnel, and cost) for optimization. The next step assessed each area against Capco’s five-stage maturity model to measure their processes, capabilities and effectiveness.

Capco analyzed detailed organization metrics and data from each CIO group. We also conducted multiple interviews with the bank’s quality assurance and testing leadership. Our analysis and interviews identified opportunities for optimization through organizational consolidation, resource relocation and process consistency.

Key Benefits

  • Identified multiple optimization opportunities that could provide as much as 30 percent in savings
  • Provided clear insight on the testing capabilities, processes and resource utilization across the CIO groups
  • Offered a flexible approach to realize maximum optimization benefits
  • Increased communication and awareness across testing organizations