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Regulatory Reporting is a fact. The answer is a “Factory”.

The pain is well understood. Now there is a cure.

The Regulatory Reporting challenge keeps growing. Keeping up with its requirements is a huge demand on limited resources. So can you “tame” Reporting and achieve predictable compliance?

The increasing burden of regulatory reporting presents banks with multiple challenges – from allocating sufficient personnel to keep track of developments in legislation, down to the operational tasks of collating, validating and submitting the ‘numbers’. It all absorbs valuable resources; at the very time banks need to be most focused on profitable growth. There has been much discussion of the impact of compliance. Now, as Alexander Bommes – a Partner at Capco explains – there is a viable and sustainable response to the demands of regulatory reporting.

The Capco Regulatory Reporting Factory
It’s a well-recognized fact that the challenges of Regulatory Reporting just keep on growing. Recent Capco research among European financial institutions confirms the reporting burden is onerous, especially for Tier Two and Tier Three banks. Finding a solution that reduces the costs, risks and internal bandwidth strains caused by Reporting was judged imperative and urgent.

That’s why, working with carefully selected strategic partners, we have established The Capco Regulatory Reporting Factory. “The Factory” for short.

The Factory combines data center elements, application and process management and application support, in a single, joined-up, outsourced Reporting solution. The Factory enables us to work with banks to transform their Regulatory Reporting capability.

In an interview, Alexander Bommes, Capco lead Partner in this initiative explains why, given Regulatory Reporting is a fact, that the answer is The Factory.