Architecture as a Service

Technology architects, specializing in financial services, available on demand

Download this solution overview to learn when clients typically use Architecture as a Service from Capco and the benefits to be gained from this unique offer.

One of the hottest skill sets needed in financial services IT today is technology architecture. Many different IT initiatives -- and challenges -- demand the knowledge and experience that technology architects bring to the table. Yet these professionals are in short supply. Plus, their skills are only needed intermittently and, so, are costly to keep on staff.

With Architecture as a Service from Capco, clients now have an alternative to hiring full-time staff architects, paying for full-time consultants, or simply doing without. Clients gain access to a talented pool of architects, deeply experienced in financial services IT. They're available on an as-needed basis, fractionally or full time, to support a client's specific IT development needs, offering valuable objectivity and fresh ideas.