Robo-advice in Wealth Management

The Capco Institute video series brings together leading academics and senior financial executives to discuss pertinent issues impacting the world of financial services.




Capco hosted a panel discussion with leading industry experts to discuss robo-advice – what it is, what impact it is having on the industry, and what it means for banks and their clients. Watch our video series to learn more about how robo-advice is transforming the wealth management industry.


Panel members:

  • Janine Menasakanian, Head of Financial Institutions, Vanguard Asset Management
  • Charlotte Ransom, Founder and CEO, Netwealth Investments
  • Christine Ciriani, Partner, Global Head of Wealth & Investment Management, Capco



  • Rudi Bogni, Former CEO, Private Banking, UBS
Part 1: What is robo-advice and how is it perceived within the financial services industry? 
  • Robo-advice definition and models
  • Impact on established players
  • Robo-advisors and charities—should charities rely on robo-advice?
Part 2: Robo-advice product offerings, scalability and trends
  • The human-centered approach to robo-advice
  • How can banks increase consumer trust in this technology?
  • Is robo-advice primarily for high-net-worth clients and/or Millennials?
Part 3: How is robo-advice disrupting banking, specifically wealth and asset management?
  • Does it offer a credible alternative to traditional wealth management?
  • How does it enhance the customer experience?
  • Does it improve banks’ brands?