BREXIT: an analog event in a digital age

The Capco Institute video series brings together leading academics and senior financial executives to discuss pertinent issues impacting the world of financial services.


Leading international commentators discuss Brexit and its consequences for the financial services industry.

Panel members:

  • Michael Cole-Fontayn, EVP and Chairman-EMEA, BNY Mellon
  • Michael Mainelli, Chairman, Z/Yen and Emeritus Gresham Professor of Commerce, Gresham College
  • W.-Georg Ringe, Professor of International Commercial Law, Copenhagen Business School and Visiting Professor, Oxford University


  • Rudi Bogni, Chairman, Board of Editors, Capco Institute Journal of Financial Transformation and former CEO, Private Banking, UBS

PART 1: What’s the ‘big deal’?

  • Realistic outcomes of Brexit negotiations
  • Ensuring resilience and operational continuity for financial services clients
  • Impacts of Brexit on SME financial firms
  • Poaching business: Europe’s responses to Brexit

PART 2: Is Britain still open for business?

  • ‘Compliance freeze’: Is Brexit putting on hold regulatory initiatives such as GDPR and Capital Markets Union?
  • Will the UK still be a talent magnet?
  • Financial Services Negotiation Forum and steps to a successful Brexit

PART 3: Will LONDON rise again?

  • Who needs whom: The scale of passporting dependence between the UK and Europe
  • Do clients now see Europe as ‘broken’ and London - a ‘backwater’?
  • Will ‘outsiders’ such as Google, Amazon and PayPal become the future of financial services?
  • FinTech has the potential to help London flourish again

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