The financial services industry has to meet an increasing amount of legal obligations in order to provide an efficient and cost-effective environment that ensures organizational integrity and protects shareholder value.


Capco's focused approach

Capco’s Finance, Risk and Compliance (FRC) practice offers integrated solutions to businesses seeking to manage regulatory-driven change. Our focused approach helps clients achieve optimal results across three core disciplines:

  • Finance: Core finance function service delivery and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Risk: Governance, control, calculation and mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance: Regulatory advisory and implementation

Our consultants specialize in delivering business value as well as satisfying legislation. We apply an integrated approach that not only draws on years of deep industry experience, but also provides a clear end-user view of the entire life cycle and supply chain within a financial services organization.

Our approach to regulation is a true differentiator. At the strategic level, we engage with regulators frequently to help our clients see what is evolving from a statutory perspective. In practice, we apply our learning to create market-leading solutions for regulatory compliance. These include:

  • Finance-wide transformation, core finance function service delivery and finance as a core business partner.
  • Identifying the pipeline for regulatory change from multiple jurisdictions impacting across the organization.
  • Detailed driving of regulatory projects to achieve efficient and effective implementation.
  • Meeting control and governance requirements within a targeted framework.
  • System and technology solutions, implemented for regulatory and finance requirements.
  • Compliance achieved with innovative and effective solutions.


“Beyond Compliance”

For all financial institutions, effective regulatory response is imperative. But not all businesses see it as a potential energizer. At Capco, we believe that the processes (often transformational) involved can achieve more than satisfying legislation. Creatively designed and skillfully implemented, they can create operational efficiencies, leading to real competitive advantage. We call this going “beyond compliance.”

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