Financial Services Technology

Effective Delivery Demands the Right Alignment Between Technology, Innovation, and the Needs of the Business

As the role of the CIO becomes ever more influential, so do the technology decisions CIOs make. Effective operationalizing of strategy depends on the right technology choices, clearly informed by the needs of the business and supported by sector-specific knowledge of the evolving technology landscape.

Correct Technology Alignment - a flying start on the journey to success
Financial services is an information business. It is, therefore, a technology business. Success in every part of the operation, from new product introduction to consistent high quality customer service to post-merger performance, depends like never before on effective technology. Capco’s financial services technology consulting expertise is broad, deep, proven and independent. As a result, we can support CIOs and their teams to make technology decisions that meet today’s business challenges and are prepared for the demands of tomorrow.

Full Service Support from Expert Industry Specialists for the demands of today and tomorrow
Working exclusively in the financial services sector, our people have deep domain-specific expertise. Financial services are our exclusive area of focus. We are, therefore, highly specialist technologists not generalists. We understand complex domain architectures and we align and integrate them with the needs of the business. We offer five core areas of focused expertise to help interpret strategy, formulate responses in the face of complexity and implement quality technology decisions:

  • IT Strategy – deeply and broadly experienced support with a range of specific technology strategy and optimization challenges, from platform rationalization to data center consolidation.
  • Enterprise Architecture – specifying and implementing future-state application architecture and devising reliable roadmaps to migrate key processes, products and technologies.
  • IT Delivery – including delivery management and optimization, application development and integration, and quality assurance and testing.
  • Global Delivery Model - a significant pool of experienced financial services professionals based in offshore locations.
  • Financial Services Systems – expert help leveraging the full potential of leading Package Integration, including: Murex, Advent Geneva, Wall Street Systems, Openlink.
Our practitioners understand strategic drivers and they have the experience-based capability to deal with complexity, from architecture to individual technologies. As a result, Capco's financial services technology consultants can help CIOs and their teams find the quickest, most effective route to gaining a competitive technology edge without disrupting daily business.

We align current technology assets with new and existing business processes to improve operational efficiency. We help evaluate and position new technologies— including the Cloud, complex event processing and functional languages—in the context of effective strategy for growth.

The solutions we provide help to drive measurable operational successes, examples of which include:

  • Delivery of a significant cost takeout (est. approx. $5 million to date) by providing“Testability” of requirements.
  • Creation of a practical framework that enabled technology solutions to be implemented based on a clearer picture of cost and value provided.
  • Provision of full visibility to the change portfolio and disposition recommendations, so that an organization could focus on strategic change.
  • Rapid identification of gaps and other key findings, based on current state, as well as recommendations for improvement and remediation to IT Governance and Provisioning processes.
  • Comprehensive review of payments and lending products and their underlying platforms and determination of fit with company strategy, through specific migration plan for closing functional gaps, consolidating systems, reducing costs and meeting business goals.

The Capco Financial Services Technology Insight - Specialize to Succeed
In the global financial services industry of today and tomorrow, communication - and the connectivity required to enable it - is so vital, so complex and so industry-specific that technology generalists inevitably lack the necessary deep domain expertise. In the face of ever-increasing complexity, our dedicated financial services specialists have the capability to design and operationalize effective architectures - one of the ways in which we are forming the future of finance.