Capital Markets

Success – it can be defined and achieved, even through a period of uncertainty

New global regulations are being deployed regularly. New market entrants and disruptors are establishing themselves as part of the value chain. In response, large global financial institutions are seeking routes to protect their market share, while simultaneously taking advantage of the opportunities a changing industry creates. We help institutions meet global regulatory mandates, while they defend their market position as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our capital markets experience is driving client success
Capco offers a full spectrum of strategic, operational and technology solutions. These are intended to help our capital markets clients both to navigate regulatory demands and achieve positive commercial results. Our practice-based experience teaches us that every financial institution is unique. There can be no “one-size-fits-all” solutions in today’s complex and fast changing world. Our consultants are prepared to help organizations recognize and exploit the considerable opportunities that change brings. The goal is to facilitate real competitive advantage. Specific project based examples of our approach include helping:

  • a global investment bank reduce its operations cost variability through our changeSourcing offering. We provided the client with a fungible resource pool to support the “change-the-bank” portfolio of projects with a range of business analysis, testing, project management and PMO skills configured and supplied as needed.
  • a large investment bank at the enterprise level to develop a living will consistent with both their strategy and regulatory obligations for orderly dissolution. Specifically, we supported resolution planning and service company organizational design, including roadmap planning and budget creation for Board review.
  • a client profile the impacts of Dodd-Frank legislation on their operations, technology, legal, and compliance processes. We conducted an assessment to better understand the firm’s ability to support the legislation and then were further engaged to drive resulting compliance projects and the overarching PMO office.
  • a global bank simplify its architecture landscape by retiring old systems and consolidating the remaining core platforms. We developed an architect design, conducted an inventory of current applications, and identified potential systems for retirement. We then built out a consolidated application catalog and current-state architecture landscape that mapped each system to its relevant function.
  • develop a derivatives migration strategy for a Canadian securities trader who wished to consolidate its interest rate derivatives trading business, down from three platforms to one in order to increase efficiency. We helped the company streamline operations, increase automation, reduce complexity and redundancy, standardize processes and improve operational flexibility.

Our approach – Listen to the client, always
Capco’s capital markets solutions can help organizations optimize existing revenue streams, create new sources of revenue through value chain and regional expansion, restructure costs, meet regulatory and risk management demands and operate more efficiently.

The delivery approach is client focused – every step of the way. Our consultants listen to the client’s aspirations, scope out their challenges and profile all the options that can lead to solving the problem. Then they recommend the best possible solution for each unique situation. In this completely client focused way, we help financial institutions to design and implement solutions that identify and exploit new opportunities, meet and anticipate regulatory and stakeholder demands, and deliver true long-term value.