Package Integration (PI)

Package Integration - PI - from Capco: a Complete Eco-system of Business, Technology and Applications Knowledge

The complexity and speed of today’s trading environment, across all asset classes, necessitates a PI service that is totally out of the ordinary.

Demanding issues
The demanding issues we help clients deal with include highly complex packages and architectures in high volume, multi-transaction areas within the global financial services sector.

In a tough environment
The last decade has brought real challenges. In a far more hybridized trading world, buyers need to be managing cross-asset risk allocation, reducing time-to-market for new structures, meeting new regulatory requirements and controlling operational risk. To this increased complexity add velocity, in an environment based on high-speed, algorithm-driven trading and arbitrage, where millionths of a second can make millions of dollars’ worth of difference.

Of highly accurate, near real time reporting
Client and regulatory reporting demand new levels of accuracy and near real-timescales

Need an extraordinary team
Capco’s Package Integration (PI) team is widely recognized for its strategic approach to projects with both buy-side and sell-side institutions.

The Capco Team - proven, successful experience
With more than 600 installations successfully delivered to date, Capco’s PI Practice demonstrates deep understanding of the functional process and technology environment, backed by an ability to implement and integrate sophisticated vendor technologies.

Our PI team comprises over 300 professionals in North America and Europe, with access to a significant pool of offshore technology specialists. We deal expertly and effectively with the complexity of upgrading and integrating IT systems.

We focus on designing, building, operating, and optimizing five industry-leading financial services packages – Murex (with a unique Capco/Murex relationship and a dedicated Murex Center of Excellence), Advent Geneva, Simcorp, Open Link and Wall Street Systems.

Our project expertise covers the spectrum from operational support to end-to-end system design and integration. We work in five main areas:

  • Solution identification, evaluation, and selection – including pre-sales support and a bridge to PI delivery. We will help you to analyze and understand your unique mix of variables.
  • Testing and transition. To facilitate rapid trial and acceptance of new PI solutions, we offer SPARTA, our proprietary testing and quality-assurance tool; VALKYRIE, a multi-purpose performance management tool; and LOGCHECKER, an automation alert and control application.
  • Operational services. Capco PI offers a flexible suite of distinct application management services that can be bought individually, incrementally, or as a whole, and excellent AM capability.
  • Service optimization. Capco's maturity-profiling methodology helps minimize clients’ total cost of ownership, with typical reductions of 15%, while stabilizing overall costs to improve IT budgeting.
  • Delivering and managing system integration. Capco has a high degree of competency in delivering and managing system integration in complex environments.

Demanding players
The demanding players we support include, among others, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset and Investment Managers. For our clients, we bring industry, consulting and systems skills together in a highly effective, integrated package - it’s another way we are forming the future of finance.