U.S. National Bank

Capco assists U.S. bank in enterprise rewards strategy development

With branches located throughout the United States, this bank provides a variety of consumer and commercial financial services to its customers.

Confronting Challenges
The bank wanted to create a three- to five-year strategic vision and develop a tactical road map of prioritized business initiatives to expand the depth and breadth of its rewards program and organization.

Capco assessed the rewards competitive landscape and market trends. We then created tactical high-level and detailed road maps based on a capability development model that identifies interdependencies, milestones and expected outcomes. A future state target model was defined that articulated the future state business architecture, identified impacts to technological platforms and supported outsourcing decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted operational structure and model allows a consistent customer experience, greater efficiency and improved ability to adapt
  • Validation of broad support for an enterprisewide rewards program across the organization for managing customer relationships and loyalty
  • Road maps with prioritized initiatives that provide the bank with an approach and framework to achieve its desired objectives