Capco Brings Integrated Approach to Canadian Universal Bank

Capco introduces comprehensive approach to systems non-functional delivery in OTIS and tax-exempt commercial paper (TECP).

Our client engaged Capco to assist in the implementation of a complex solution involving third-party products in a multi-tier infrastructure with multiple application layers. The client expected this new solution to speed batch processing, improve operability and speed recovery.

Capco oversaw the development of a comprehensive approach to non-functional delivery, including: non-functional requirements, non-functional testing strategies, test planning and execution (including detailed reporting), troubleshooting and recommended patterns to project teams, capacity planning, and production environment monitoring and health checks.


  • Significant performance improvement (batch from 12 to 6 hours, online performance to sub-second)
  • Comprehensive automated systems health-check for production monitoring and troubleshooting
  • End-to-end approach to strategy, planning, execution and monitoring of non-functional delivery