Capco Assists Global Universal Bank with Data Management

Data management layer rollout dramatically simplifies data feeds.

Our client was a global investment bank with one of the world’s most complex market and credit risk data infrastructures, processing over 2,000 batch and real-time inter-application data feeds daily.

With no standardized data management layer (DML) rollout plan, the firm was experiencing a significant cost burden in support, change management and processing overheads. They asked us to develop a simplified architecture, along with a roadmap and communication plan to explain the benefits and gain acceptance from the firm’s business units.

Capco devised a communication plan to engage key business, change and IT stakeholders, and developed a clear strategy for transitioning data feeds to the new technology through the roll-out of a standardized DML. We also identified and prioritized the target feeds, and helped to assign responsibilities and accountabilities among IT stakeholders


  • Reduced number of data feeds
  • Fewer feed errors, thanks to better feed monitoring and consistent error handling
  • Reduced time required to change or develop data feeds
  • ETL functionality to increase data synergies across feeds