Securities Trader

Leading securities trader seeks help migrating from three platforms to one

This global securities trader provides advisory and capital markets services to corporations, governments and institutions throughout the world.

Confronting challenges
The company wanted to consolidate its interest rate derivatives trading business from three platforms to one (Calypso). The project affected business units in Toronto, London, Ireland and Singapore. The securities trader also wanted to take advantage of middle office and operations automation available through the new system.

Capco was engaged to develop business requirements, assess current and target-state processes, and develop a migration strategy. We began by assessing trade and market data, products, volumes, risk, and profit and loss processes across approximately 100,000 trades, multiple business units and four geographical areas. We gathered business requirements from numerous areas across the organization, including operations, trading and credit risk, margin and collateral, and accounting and finance.

We worked closely with the client’s technology team to configure the new environment, develop a migration strategy, and integrate other systems and data onto the single platform. In addition, we coordinated testing across more than 20 business groups and developed a go-live strategy.

Key benefits

  • Developed an enhanced product modeling and selection process
  • Designed more accurate risk processing procedures
  • Streamlined operations to help increase automation, reduce complexity and redundancy, and standardize processes
  • Reduced trade, market, credit and liquidity risks due to improved modeling and accuracy
  • Improved operational flexibility