German Bank

Leading international bank seeks help simplifying systems inventory

Located in major financial centers around the world, this leading German banking and financial services company offers financial products and services in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and emerging markets. Its offerings cover wealth management, retail banking, fund management, corporate finance, risk management and derivatives.

Confronting challenges
To reduce costs, the investment bank wanted to simplify its architecture landscape by retiring old systems and consolidating the remaining core platforms. Capco was engaged to lead an assessment to determine the application rationalization business case and to initiate a program to deliver these benefits.

The Capco team used Capco’s Application Rationalization assessment approach, delivery method and tools on this engagement. Capco’s Application Rationalization assessment approach is to develop a consolidated inventory of current applications, identify potential systems for retirement and determine the potential size of the simplification benefit case.

The Capco team began by capturing key attributes of current systems (i.e., user numbers, incident numbers, application fate), confirming primary IT ownership and building a mapping of each application to the client’s functional model. This was based on pre-existing architecture documentation and a series of workshops held with key management. The team then built an application current-state landscape model using Capco’s Edge tool, and then used this tool to drive the identification of gaps in the application to functional model mapping and to support workshops to confirm whether the function/system should be retired, outsourced or kept in-house as a strategic application.

The resulting consolidated application catalog and current-state architecture landscape mapped each system to its function within Capco’s Edge tool. The catalog allowed the analysis of system functionality, the identification of clusters of systems that shared the same function, and the illustration of the current set of systems that could migrate onto a smaller set of common platforms. Leveraging the Capco Application Rationalization method, the team also developed and piloted an end-to-end IT process to create business cases for system retirement and track approved business cases through to implementation and closure. The process allowed our client to have confidence that the planned benefits would be delivered by the simplication program.

Key benefits

  • Rapidly identified the scale of the retirement opportunities within the current application landscape and developed strategies to exploit those opportunities
  • Confirmed relationship between organization and application, which enabled clear operational responsibility for driving the decommissioning and realizing the savings