Capco Supports European Bank Expansion

Investment banking arm of European universal bank engages Capco to support ambitious growth plans.

Fundamental to the expansion plan was the need to find answers to several pressing issues. The firm sought to improve back office information systems to accommodate expected growth in equity derivatives volume. The client also wanted to improve the post-trade management of structured credit deals, and to implement effective systems to manage structured and hybrid products.

A strategy was required to make sure the firm had adequate global capacity to handle increased volume without significantly overbuilding; and a supporting plan was needed, to maintain efficient client services during the implementation timetable.

Capco helped the firm to make tangible progress on several fronts: moving to an exception-oriented operations organization, defining and fulfilling the strategic principles of the client’s IT reference model, and mapping the model to specific IT solutions.


  • Strong architecture governance to facilitate consistent delivery and sharing of best practices
  • Cost savings achieved by factoring out commonalities in shared infrastructure