Capco Helps Global Transaction Processing Company to Eliminate Highly Manual Processes

Capco intervention secures significant margin gains.

A transaction processing service provider contacted Capco to assist with process improvements which would help the firm to attain a 30% operating margin over a three-year period. The high number of manual processes had depressed margins; the client also wanted to achieve some separation from a core platform running on an aging mainframe system.

The Capco project team:

  • developed the business case for an operations transformation program which included a BPCM layer to manage human interaction;
  • conducted activity analysis, focusing on identifying and measuring user behaviours in the existing operational environment;
  • facilitated workshops with business service heads and users;
  • completed a detailed activity matrix for each operations focus area and adjusted initial benefits against real-life scenarios;
  • defined as-is and to-be process models to visualize user activity changes, common service usage and implied efficiency savings; and
  • prepared roadmaps for the work-stream releases and their associated benefits realization schedules as input to the business case model.


  • The three-year program projected a 32% gain in operational efficiency
  • The efficiencies created by the new system would allow the client to recoup implementation costs in four years.