Top 5 Canadian Retail Bank Transformed

Capco initiatives help to realize $30M cost savings and near real-time client response.

Our client was looking to streamline operational processes between regional processing centers, in order to reduce operating expense and improve response times to customers. Capco assisted in the development of new, forward-looking models, including a Business Services Model, Functional Model and Business Processes.

We also developed an Estimation Model to guide the implementation, and created a Business Case Model which covered expected costs, benefits and payback period. Our implementation roadmap guided the client through this complex exercise.

Key features of our solution included:

  • Top-to-bottom organizational redesign of the client’s regional processing centers
  • Identification of core and non-core activities
  • Introduction of offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) services for non-core commodity functions
  • Implementation of enterprise-strength forms and document management solutions


  • $30 million annualized operational cost savings
  • Six-year payback period
  • Near real-time response for frequent client requests, including
    - new customer accounts
    - loan applications
    - dispute processing
  • Improved client self-service capabilities