Capco Aids Internet Bank Launch

UK startup engages Capco to support strategic development and vendor selection.

Our client wanted assistance in developing the business case and determining the launch strategy for a new Internet-based bank. Following agreement on an initial strategy, the client further engaged Capco to establish the functional model and application architecture for the new enterprise.

As well as developing a working plan for the new firm, we helped devise an RFP process to identify the core banking technology and the vendors to manage key aspects of its implementation. We provided ongoing support as the firm made final vendor evaluations, helping them choose a company which provided the necessary support and was fully aligned with the firm’s vision and values.


  • Extensive RFP development defines a product that will offer market-leading functionality
  • Vendor selection based on broader criteria will facilitate a more compatible long-term relationship
  • Firm will benefit from a business model that uses a comprehensive sourcing strategy and low-cost offshore centers