Associate Talent Program

We equip people who are new to consulting with the skills and experience they need today to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.


Are you Capco?

Are you up for the challenge? If so, then we are very ready, willing and able to support you to be the best. Capco’s Associate Talent Program (ATP) equips people who are new to consulting with the skills and experience they need today to become industry leaders of tomorrow. 


Fast-start your career in financial services industry consulting

As a Capco Associate, you will take part in our intensive and immersive training course. You work in a simulated project environment. But, to keep things interesting, the challenges are real enough. Our course provides you with a thorough overview of today’s fast-changing global financial services landscape.

You’ll quickly build deep foundations for your career ahead as you learn about the regulatory frameworks and the risks that financial institutions have to manage. Industry insight is matched by growth in the key skills you need to advance your career as a consultant.

After successful completion of your initial training, you will be assigned to your first live client engagement. It’s an exciting and challenging moment when you become an integral member of a multi-disciplinary project team. From the start, you will be helping to develop and deliver market-changing solutions for leading financial institutions. And you’ll find yourself tackling complex business issues for a wide range of regional and global clients. There are no simulations now. This is a live environment of real responsibility. From the first day on the team, you’ll be making business decisions that directly impact project success. Think of it as your opportunity to fast-start a demanding (and equally rewarding) career in financial services industry consulting.


Personal growth and training

The best people never stop learning. That’s why we support you all the way through your career progression. We help expand your skills through collaborative training. In fact, we have created our own proprietary set of comprehensive and specialized courses, tailor made to grow your deep understanding of industry-leading practices. We believe in total transparency not glass ceilings. That is why, to recognize your growing skills and personal contribution, Capco’s ATP doesn’t have a fixed duration. Show us consistently that you can perform at a higher level and you will take the next step in your career; moving up to Consultant grade as soon as you’re ready.


Who are we looking for? 

Capco’s ATP attracts individuals from different backgrounds. We value and promote diversity. We talk to university graduates, as well as more experienced professionals who want a change in their careers. Our enthusiasm and commitment are total. So, the qualities we always demand from our intake include real intellectual curiosity and genuine enthusiasm for the dynamic and fascinating challenge that is the financial services industry. These are the core qualities our Associates need to succeed in bringing real energy and innovative initiative to their role. Exceptional analytical skills and problem-solving originality are also pre-requisites for a Capco Associate.


YOU COULD be Capco

The environment and the opportunities we offer at Capco are unrivalled, uncompromising and unlimited. If that’s a profile you believe matches your own ambitions and aspirations, get in touch and fully explore our Associate Talent Program. If you’re serious about us, you’ll find that we are every bit as interested in you.

"We want to attract, nurture and retain the best talent, by encouraging creativity, innovation and expertise."

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"We want to attract, nurture and retain the best talent, by encouraging creativity, innovation and expertise."

At Capco, we hire the best and help them to become even better. We invite you to apply and join our team.
Celebrating our culture

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Celebrating our culture

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