Careers@Capco: Capital Markets


Careers at Capco
What's it like to work in Capco's Capital Markets practice? Two of our consultants share their insights.

Video Highlights
"We have a lot of people that have been in the industry for quite a long time — a lot of knowledge and a lot of relationships — so trust has already been built [with clients]."

"I used to work for one of the larger firms … It was very much having to report up the chain, your boss took credit for things. That's not how it is here."

Working at Capco
We offer our people outstanding opportunities to strengthen and expand their professional skills. Every Capco project team brings together accomplished professionals from a range of disciplines. They develop and share critical knowledge with their colleagues. They work in an environment of constant intellectual stimulus that encourages everybody to think for themselves. Career advancement is based on performance, not tenure or title.

In every sense, working at Capco is rewarding. There are no degrees of separation from real opportunities.