changeSourcing. A big win for Change the Bank

A global financial services institution, which operates across 42 countries, needed skilled Change the Bank resources along with increased and measurable efficiency of delivery. Capco delivered changeSourcing, a game-changing solution that leveraged their talent while reducing their costs by 60%.

What's the perfect solution for banks needing in-depth industry experience, quick execution, and reduced costs? changeSourcing. Capco’s game-changing solution.

A global financial services institution came to us for skilled Change the Bank (CTB) resources with a need for increased and measurable efficiency of delivery. They needed trained Change professionals—those who understand the value of transformational roles, have the flexibility to shift gears when the industry deviates, and have the adaptability to be a jack-of-all-trades.

We moved our client into a new era of enterprise management. It was a big win, resulting in 60% in cost savings. Here's how we did it: 

  • We transitioned PMO staff from the client to Capco, where they remained involved in and pertinent to our client’s initial engagement program.
  • We arranged for those who transitioned to receive training and career development opportunities to ensure a successful move for everyone involved.
  • We on-boarded 35–40% of our client’s CTB resources to Capco.
  • We seamlessly transferred 50% of their high-level consulting processes offshore, where comparable high quality can be completed at a fraction of the cost.
  • We eliminated the waste of “standing armies” of Change professionals whose directives continually fluctuate.
  • We helped create a culture and community around the need to respond to change of all kinds across the bank, and across the industry.

What our client said: "Capco had just the right mix for us. They have deep business expertise, are professional project managers, and have a superior ability to accommodate change in shifting landscapes. Their changeSourcing program and the improvements they made in how we approach the running of our business vastly improved our bottom line."