Capco modernizes Loan Delivery platform in minimal time

Capco’s technology team transforms a Loan Delivery platform for US Government Sponsored Enterprise.

Capco’s technology and digital teams combine efforts to transform and modernize a Loan Delivery platform for US Government Sponsored Enterprise to create faster time to market.

The technology industry is changing rapidly. New solutions and the demand for innovation have put the fire under organizations to rejuvenate their systems and processes.

So when our client, a Government Sponsored Enterprise, had a lender-facing application on an older technology platform that was costly to maintain and limited the ability to meet market changes and regulatory mandates, it was no surprise they called Capco for a modern redesign.

After a thorough assessment of the solution architecture, Capco’s technology team performed early Proof of Concepts on architecturally significant and risky components of the solution. We partnered with our client’s business and systems analysts, architects and test teams to implement a Scrum-based Agile methodology. This would provide early visibility into the work product and elimination of waste using Scaled Agile Framework.

But the application could never truly be sleek and streamlined without modern user experience inputs and deliverables. So we enlisted Capco’s Digital team to improve user experience and implement an advanced web user interface using contemporary JavaScript frameworks.

With our modifications and improvements in place, our client’s application, which processes over $1.5B per day of mortgages, now delivers greater flexibility in a loosely coupled, event driven architecture implemented with a messaging integration pattern. Above all else, Capco’s modifications provided our client with a faster time to market.