Basketball, Fantasy football, Country music, Cottage cheese, Sitcoms

What I do at Capco?

As a core member of the Open Concept Banking team, I’ve had the opportunity to wear multiple hats while working across the banking and digital domains. I’m primarily responsible for project management and sales support as we roll out Open Concept Banking, both internally and to market.


What drives me?

The opportunity to improve the way we live our lives. It doesn’t have to be life-altering but ways in which we can make life a little easier, every day. Striving to be the best at what I enjoy doing both professionally and personally.  I’ve played sports my entire life, so I grew up with a really competitive mentality…for better or for worse! What gets me out of bed in the morning is having another day, another opportunity to improve and grow, whether that’s in my career or in my personal life.


Key achievements with Capco?

The successful phase 1 launch of Open Concept Banking and continued support from Capco senior leadership.


Favorite part about working at Capco?

The opportunity to help drive the direction of a firm that is at the forefront of financial services.