I enjoy cooking, reading and a variety of fitness related activities including hiking, running, mixed martial arts and team sports. I’ve also recently become interested in natural movement fitness.

Why Capco?

As soon as the assessment center was over, I knew I wanted to work at Capco. In those few hours, I witnessed a culture and environment I wanted to be a part of. The entrepreneurial spirit Capco offers is fantastic and really allows you to develop yourself.

I also relished the opportunity to join the newly established Edinburgh practice, where I have been able to drive a number of initiatives important to the growth and development of the office.


What drives me in my work?

The opportunity to challenge myself and set goals, whilst enjoying the work I am doing are all motivating factors for me. There is a steep learning curve, but working in a great team means there is always support when you need it.

Being able to interact with senior stakeholders and provide valuable content to them, creates a great work environment which drives me to achieve excellence.


My background

I completed my National Service in Cyprus in 2010, and moved to the UK shortly afterwards for studies. I graduated from the University of Aberdeen and worked in Oil and Gas where I focused on QA/QC. After a year there, I became hungry for a new challenge in a different industry and saw an opportunity to join Capco’s new Edinburgh office.

Almost 10 months later, I’m still finding new ways to develop and build my skillset, while also helping drive the growth of the Capco Edinburgh office.


Fun fact about me

I love learning about space and the universe…and climbing trees.