Principal Consultant


My family, space travelling, cooking, barbecuing, sports, and all kinds of music.

What I do at Capco?

I am a Principal Consultant at Capco, with extensive experience from the front office of the investment bank arm of a commercial bank. I successfully manage the scope and implementation of business and technology projects in the Capital Markets area such as market and referential data management, e-trading, order management and execution, deal affirmation, clearing and settlement, market risk evaluation and risk management, and regulatory reporting.


What drives me in my work?

  • Being relevant
  • Being a trustworthy leader
  • Exploring and challenging the unexpected and unknown


Key Achievements with Capco

I helped a client to tackle regulatory challenges and as a result the client repeatedly asks for me in person to consult them on consecutive regulatory challenges.


Fun Fact About Me

I am desperately striving to finish my bucket list before I die.