Senior Consultant

Why did you choose Capco?

Capco's focus on Financial Services is what grabbed my interest; an inspirational founder and leader made the choice easy.


What's the best part of working at Capco?

Three words sum up what working at Capco means to me: community, innovation and passion. At Capco you have the chance to work with your friends, think differently and own and drive your innovative ideas forward. I strongly believe we combine that attitude with a genuine passion to help solve our clients' most complex problems.


Tell us about a day in the life of a Capco consultant.

To sum it up: Exciting, different, fun, hard work, challenging, continuous improvement. Our days are never the same and you make your own day.


7am: Although change is my job and passion, the change from asleep to awake is not part of it.


9am-Rest of the day: A consultant works with the client through various meetings, emails and phone calls to create a deliverable for the client that will change the their current situation. How we deliver is where it's all different. One day I can be creating a detailed project plan outlining the delivery of a new system and the next day we will be thinking about the future and draw the boldest ideas on a white board or design a rich picture on how we can help our client build out their change capability.


12am: Bed time. That's the only time that is relatively fixed. Evenings are made up of playing sports, catching up with colleagues in the office or in the pub, Capco events, which usually means staying for one more drink or finishing an additional piece of work.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?

My coach told me a good consultant is a pro-active consultant. It is your meeting, your project, your career and you have the opportunity to make the best of it. That doesn't mean as a Capco consultant you are out there on your own. It means you have the empowerment and support of the firm to look forward, outline the future and drive your ideas.


As a pro-active consultant you think ahead of your client, the market, the industry and team up with your colleagues and the client to understand the issue the client is facing in detail and plan what lies ahead. When you do, you can challenge your client, choose the best course of action, come up with creative ideas and define the ideal solution for your client.


Share an interesting fact about you.

I'm a petrol-head and lover of all things motorbikes. The proud owner of a Ducati, free time is spent slinking into the leathers and riding it like being in MotoGP. The sound of the engine excites me every time and is like music to my ears. For some bizarre reason the speed and noise calms me down.