Managing Principal

Why did you choose Capco?

I chose Capco as it provides an entrepreneurial working environment which values ideas, commitment and excellence in delivery.  The breadth of knowledge within the people in our team is inspiring and I believe that it provides us with a great opportunity to make a difference in the financial industry.  And, of course, not only is the team knowledgeable, but the people are also enjoyable to work alongside and this strength of the team spirit is what makes it a fun and rewarding experience.


What’s the best part of working at Capco?

Teamwork, inspiring ideas about the future and achieving our goals – whether they be client project oriented or our own office development and value propositions.


Tell us about a day in the life of a Capco consultant.

My day is a mixture of client project related deliverables as well as supporting our own Zurich office.  In the morning I start with Capco work before I head to the client site where I am currently delivering a workstream for regulatory impacts.  On the Capco side I am often contributing to value propositions, requests for proposals and generally supporting the team.  We have recently introduced further process optimizations with regards to how to maximize our presence in the Zurich market – i.e. ensure that we have the marketing tools to allow our knowledge to be more evident to our financial services community.  It is early days but we are enjoying the challenge to build our pipeline of informative and thought-provoking publications!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Consider when to use the carrot, and when to use the stick… With such a melting pot of ideas and a motivated team, the agile approach can sometimes cause friction.  It is extremely important (to me) that the team ultimately support each other, and therefore my challenge is not to get lost in the need for results, but also to think longer term about the team.  And this is where the carrot is best…


Share an interesting fact about you.

I love gardening on our terrace at home and enjoy eating my own home-grown, home-cooked food for lunch.  So I am a consultant with a lunchbox – this often surprises our clients!